Dance CV:

Susanne first met Oriental Dance 1988. Since then she attended regular classes and workshops with a lot of well known dancers and teachers from around the world - subjects primarily Oriental Dance, arabic Folklore and turkish Gypsy Dance. She also seriously studies other dance styles like Jazz Dance or Flamenco, and she also visits classes for very different dances like Modern, Uzbek Folklore and Street Dance.

Susanne performs since many years in public and private events. Skill varies from Oriental Folklore and Classic Oriental Dance to Fusion with other styles of music and dance - mainly Flamenco Arabe, Oriental-Jazz and - Oriental Hip Hop.

Since 2003 Susanne lives as dancer / dance teacher.

All instructions and trainings are listed in Dossier (german).


    Special Performances / Programs: (descending according to date)

  • Performance Naghma and WeiberWirbel, Nov. /Dec 2004, Zurich
  • "Expedition '04" - ZeoT school performance, Zurich , Volkhaus weisser Saal, Dec. 2004
  • "Dances from the Orient" - Exhibition at Salzhaus Brugg, Oriental Dance, Flamenco Arabe and much more. (Oct. 2004)
  • Participation at Oriental Night in Fabriggli Buchs SG, Performance with live darbouka player, September 2003
  • Participation at"Let's Dance", performance of "Les Papillons" and students of Ballettstudio Katja, Zurich (June 2003)
  • "Mosaik", Oriental Dance and Music Program with Samir Essahbi and el Salam (May 2003). Other Performances with Samir Essahbi and Ahmed el Omari during 2003.
  • Participation bei "Expedition 1001 Nacht" at ZeOT, Zurich (Dez. 2002)
  • Participation at "Where is Orient" im Dynamo, Zürich (Nov. 2001)
  • Solo performance "Passions Orientales", Zurich/Winterthur (2001/2002)
  • Participation Oriental Night, Kulturfabrik Wetzikon (May 1997)